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Your Story #8


I was exposed on a daily basis to this company, the Hannah Society…THANK GOODNESS somebody out there is paying attention and asking questions!!!!!

Please pass on to everyone and anyone that you know that this is a BUSINESS, NOT….And I repeat….NOT a rescue organization, don’t be fooled.

Their ‘membership leasing program’ makes it no muss, no fuss for the pet owner, I can’t even count how many dogs have been returned just to spend the next several weeks to months in a cage.

I have witnessed the carloads of litters of puppies being brought in by some very suspicious folks in a wide range of awful conditions while this money hungry company denies that they are perpetuating backyard puppy milling.

Many of the puppies end up spending 4 and 5months in tiny cages if they aren’t adopted when they are young and cute, by the time they are 6 months old they are cage crazy and aggressive, some being sent back to the ‘breeder’ to do what with, who knows.

Their solution to a cage crazy barking dog is to drug them, yes, puppies, drugged on Valium to shut them up rather than enrichment toys, more walks, play time, etc. I could go on and on since this has been eating me up.

I know so many individuals and organizations that give their blood sweat and tears to all rescue animals, it is so hard to see these Hannah money makers pump out puppies at a faster rate than we can rescue.

Thank you ahead of time for doing your part. – Anonymously Submitted, November, 2012.