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Your Story #6


Not going to write a long, drawn out story, but needless to say, this company is terrible! First of all, don’t be tricked, they don’t rescue puppies and kittens, they buy them from breeders (I have seen this with my own eyes). Secondly, their uneducated staff are running around without a clue as to how to explain the terms and conditions of your Hannah contract. YOU DON’T OWN THE PET, don’t listen to the “genius” below…You have to pay $600 to own your pet and remove it from the Hannah program if you are unhappy with the program, $600!!! Next, they promise to deliver food and litter to you if you own a cat, but I have never had one call or delivery and when you try to call the center, they either pick up and don’t take any notes down, or they promise you something will happen, and it won’t. If you have a dog, forget the puppy classes, as the waiting list is 2 months out. Won’t be such a puppy anymore. Need to make an emergency vet appt? Too bad, the nurse on call won’t call you back for days, and the office staff (if calling during business hours) will laugh at your complaint and make light of it. I adopted a puppy at first, but when things didn’t work out, was placed with a kitten. This was in August, and today my cat was finally able to see a vet to get vaccinations, neutered and a check up to remove internal parasites. Also, the intelligent employees hate Hannah so much, that during the time I have been with the program, 1 director has left and over 5 employees that I can count. This company is a joke, they overcharge you for services they never can deliver and the incompetence of the employees still left is mind blowing. Save your money and adopt from a local shelter.

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