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Your Story #3


I stand with the other person who states they would have given ZERO stars if possible.

First off, let me state this: Hannah the Pet Society is NOT an adoption group, nor are they an adoption agency. You pay an initial fee plus a monthly fee. If you wish to leave their program, you have to pay an additional fee of what they consider a “fair price” for the animal.

Initially I was interested in adopting a rabbit from them, and after standing around inside for a good ten minutes I was finally able to get the attention of one of their employees and start asking questions.

After getting a chance to interact with the rabbit they had for a good twenty minutes, I started to inquire about the cost. It was only then that I was informed that this rabbit was already adopted and no longer available. Fine. I understand that can happen, but you should have told me sooner.

Well, I returned to their Washington Square Mall location a few weeks later, only to note that the same rabbit was still there. I walked in, got a better reception this time, and asked about the status. The rabbit was still available, and it turned out there was an employee there who liked to say that s/he was going to adopt the animals. Fine, I went to grab something else and return to look again, and when I returned those 15 minutes later, the associate told me that she had been wrong and the rabbit actually had been adopted the day prior and was no longer available.

Well, turn around again, this is a good month after my initial visit: the same rabbit is still there. I asked if it was available, and low and behold, yes!

The associates don’t know the proper information, and unless this is a bait-and-switch, they’ve had a rabbit that potentially could have been adopted at least two times over.

Of course, now that I’ve done my research into their association, you couldn’t pay me to take an animal from them. They won’t reveal which groups they get animals from, and it specifically states on their website that they will purchase animals from people for what they consider a “fair price”. All of these things should be red flags to anyone who knows anything about adoption groups.

Do your research and STAY AWAY. – Yelp Review, Kristi M., March 27, 2013.

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