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“I was at the Clackamas location this past weekend, I was so excited to see my puppies sister and went into say hi. I had purchased my pup from one of the breeders they use. After saying hello to the puppy, I was asked if I had adopted from Hannah, I said no we just use the same breeder, the employees were shocked and asked me several more questions. They were even more surprised when I knew the name of the puppy…and the names of several others. I was not aware that their use of breeders was a secret. Clearly I was a problem as I soon realized when I was asked to join a female employee in an office. She closed the door and began to question me about why I thought my puppy was from the same breeder, I said, “because it is…” she than arms crossed gave me some speech about how they are a Non-Profit and work with a Human Society and Rescues, she specifically said “we do not buy from breeders” I told her I was sorry but they did and her corporate probably had more information, she was visibly upset . I promptly let myself out, connected back with my daughters and friend. As I was leaving the employee gleefully said “I will make sure your concerns and complaint are addressed”, I turned puzzled and said, “I don’t have any concerns or complaints.”

So hear is the reason for my rating, don’t lie, dishonesty is not attractive and makes you look like a fool. Also after reviewing the photos posted of pets as early as today on facebook, I find it laughable that MY puppy is up for adoption, looks like you got his photo mixed up with his sisters, there is a clear difference in the eyebrow color – classic!

I believe that the standard employee working at the store really thinks these are rescue dogs; however based on my conversation the lady that spoke with me was keeping a secret she didn’t want the employees to know. I went on that day to visit another retailer at the mall, she said “oh what a cute puppy did you adopt it from Hannah?” “No, but we used the same breeder so his sisters are being adopted there” Her response…after a long pause and complete confusion. “No, you must be wrong they adopt rescue dogs” I said, “yes they probably do but they also use breeders”… “No, you must be misinformed, my fiance works there” WOW here we go again…” – Yelp Review, Nancy C., January 11th, 2013.

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