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Your Story # 10


Don’t do it! I got cheap inferior products for my dog. The leash, food bowls, collar etc… all had to be replaced. It was like they got them from the dollar store.  I was not allowed many options as far as food goes. My dog needs a joint formula diet. Not available through this program.  I was not allowed any options as far as veterinary care goes.You can only take your pet to Hannah approved vets.  This business was started by the doctor that started Banfield. Banfield is very very well know for offering inferior veterinary care. The doctors only offer the bare minimum in care (Hannah has to make money). They don’t give you options. With my last vet /dog I would get offered the gold standard of care first, then the doctor and I would work from there and decide what I could afford and what was absolutely necessary right now. This doesn’t happen with my Hannah dog. My Hannah dog Tommy ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament. The Hannah vet made it seem like the pain meds would be enough and surgery wasn’t necessary he just sprained his leg. The Hannah vet did not diagnose the cruciate rupture.  After 3 weeks of limping,  I took Tommy to a specialist (at my own expense) he explained that my dog will progressively become more painful and arthritic if it’s not surgically repaired. He is constantly limping. He can’t place any weight on that leg. The specialist also said this condition is degenerative, so it may happen in the other knee too. It is much more likely to happen in the other knee if Tommy is shifting all of his weight to the right leg because he can’t use the left. When I brought the specialist records and recommendations to Hannah they completely denied my dog the surgery. My dog is in extreme pain. Save your money! You’d be better off getting a beautiful shelter dog, and putting 1 or 2 hundred bucks in your savings each month to cover any pet care. Now I have to come up with the ridiculous fees to get my dog off this contract, so I can buy him from them. All so I can do what is humane, and get him the surgery at my own expense. Don’t get yourself stuck in a sticky situation where you have to go with Hannah’s inhumane practices. I can’t imagine what would happen in an emergency situation. They would probably order a euthanasia in a situation where treatment could easily save the pet.

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