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Violating Corporate Mall Policies: Hannah Society does not belong at Washington Square!


Time for Hannah Society to be kicked out of Washington Square! We need your help!

Hannah the Pet Society is in the business of making money. Not helping animals. This for-profit company has been accused of buying pets from breeders (backyard or otherwise) and passing them off as rescue/shelter pets. In addition, the company has been accused by its own customers of cutting corners with the veterinary care provided to the pets they are leasing out to the public. We are not surprised Hannah Society has numerous Better Business Bureau Complaints, Justice Dept Consumer Complaints, and negative local news stories!

Washington Square does not support businesses that profit from animal breeding. Hannah Society is hiding behind their 1-2 (2nd not confirmed) rescue partners and LEASING 10-12 week old designer puppies!!! Check out their Facebook inventory to confirm for yourself. Do you know of any rescue or shelter that has a 12-week-old golden doodle or a 10-week-old yorkie? We don’t know of any!!!

From PAWA (Portland Animal Welfare Advocates): We’re trying something new-a complaint card campaign.

Please send emails to Washington Square management:





Share your thoughts about their tenant, Hannah the Pet Society. List all reasons why you do not support their company keeping Hannah as a tenant and/or why you are choosing not to shop at Washington Square Mall because you do not agree with their choice in allowing Hannah to be their tenant. With enough individuals flooding their email inboxes, we may be able to get them to rethink their lease agreement.

This was recently stated in an email reply from David Nguyen:

“The owners of Washington Square do not support or allow the sale or placement of animals acquired from breeders or any “for profit” source. That specific requirement is well documented in our agreement with Hannah. Since they source animals from non-profit animal welfare groups, shelters, foster homes, surrendered pet resources and all other not for profit organizations only, this, by definition, excludes virtually all breeders.”

Our concern is and has always been that Hannah may be acquiring pets from breeders and since they hide behind their privacy statements, it can not be 100% verified at this time by any independent organizations. The pets that they often show at their stores appear to be designer bred puppies. If YOU want WA Square Mall to take a further look into the contract they have with Hannah and verify that they NEVER get their pets from breeders, please consider emailing them as a consumer and express yourself.

The Hannah Society Exposed team agrees whole-heartedly with PAWA.  It is unacceptable for Washington Square to make this claim WHILE leasing space to this for-profit company that is leasing designer puppies to unknowing families.

Don’t be fooled, take action!

Talk to your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors and start writing to Washington Square and filling out comment cards at the mall!  With all of the slick Hannah Society advertising out there, we need to do something and this is a start!

Thank you, in advance, for speaking up for the pets who can’t speak for themselves. These pets are our companions and should not be leased out by a company interested in PROFIT over the well being of animals.