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Hannah Society Newsletter: More Concerning Claims



The  Hannah Society Newsletter 5:16:13 features no puppy faces! We are used to seeing row after row of designer pups offered up for lease.

Based on this week’s Hannah Society newsletter, we have two new questions:
What is “customized nutrition”?  Does this mean Hannah Society will provide whatever diet makes the most sense for each animal?  Is this “customized nutrition” grain-free for dogs and cats?  Will Hannah Society provide prescription diets for animals with special requirements?  We’re not sure what answers you may get but it is definitely worth asking.  “Customized nutrition” may not be what you think it is.  If you have questions about the benefits of grain-free or prescription diets, please ask your nearest, unbiased (non-Hannah Society) veterinarian or visit a local pet supply store.
What does no “financial caps” mean?  Does this mean Hannah Society will cover every veterinary cost that a customer believes is in the best interest of the pet?  Or what about specialized treatment or surgery recommended by an independent specialist?  The simple answer: No.  Hannah Society (the for-profit company) decides when Hannah Society (the for-profit company) has provided a reasonable level of care.  Conflict of interest?  We think so.  What about specialty surgeries (including orthopedic) or cancer treatment?  Will these be covered?  We encourage you to ask Hannah Society.
These corporate-owned pets are at the mercy of a company that has very ambitious sales goals.