A Forum for Information & Discussion of The Hannah Society

People continue to ask questions AND Hannah Society will soon be knocking on your door!


Thank you all for the questions you are asking Hannah Society and documentation you have provided for your interactions with the company.  If we haven’t gotten back to you yet, we will shortly once we have sifted through all newly-documented information.  In the coming weeks and months, we will share your encounters and experiences.

We need to get back to the glaring ethical problems with Hannah Society that we are seeing as a dedicated smoke and mirrors approach.  We believe Hannah Society is exploiting animals through an elaborate program to lease puppies sourced from backyard breeders while also (conveniently) avoiding veterinary care liability.

If Hannah Society wants to repair the company’s tarnished reputation, transparency is a good start:

  • Provide documentation showing the source for each Hannah Society animal.
  • Open its facilities to public inspection, including areas where animals are housed.  Beyond a virtual online facility tour!
  • Publish a list of covered veterinary treatments, procedures, and surgeries for prospective and current customers.

Hannah Society needs to provide transparency in its business practices to avoid future Oregon Department of Justice Consumer Complaints and public criticism for exploiting the relationship between pets and their people by leasing out corporate-owned pets in order to drive profits for this multi-million dollar company.

We have recently learned that Hannah Society is planning to hire people to go door-to-door in the hopes of signing people and their pets up for the company’s lease program.  Check out the “Outreach Canvass Crew” job listing here.   Know anyone who would like to apply to learn more about Hannah Society?  Deadline to apply is May 31st!

Please visit Hannah Society locations this weekend, call the company’s office, or speak with mall management about your concerns.  In addition, share what you know about Hannah Society with your friends and family.

The community and leased pets deserve TRANSPARENCY and Hannah Society needs to step up.