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Olive’s Story


“I rescued a Shih tzu puppy (Olive, pictured above) from an individual in November 2011. She was 2 pounds and 8 weeks old. A few days after getting her, she jumped off my lap and fractured her femur. I rushed her to the vet, who after telling me she might need her leg amputated, put our puppy on crate rest for a month in hope it healed without needing surgery.

Not knowing the fate of my dog’s health, I had recently heard about the Hannah Society and called them. I went in for more information and heard about the TLC package. The sales representative was kind, friendly, and seemed genuinely interested in my dogs health and recovery. They accepted the dog on their puppy TLC contract and knew about her recovering leg. They repeatedly emphasized top quality medical and behavioral care for animals, which I thought was a plus.

After a few vet visits, our puppy began showing signs of aggression. She bit the vet during a behavioral consultation. We wanted to use the resources at Hannah (included in our contract) to get her the help she needed for her fear aggression and reactive behavior. The vet blew us off, recommended we give her to the Humane Society because “nobody would know” she was a “biter” and get another dog from them. Their stated reason was that because they owned the dog, they were liable if the dog were to bite someone and it would be “their problem”. He repeatedly mentioned that she would “immediately be adopted” and “most likely would not be euthanized” due to her cuteness if we were to give her to a shelter or the Humane Society. They would not schedule any further behavior appointments nor complete her immunization despite the fact that we had paid them. They refused to answer any training questions that we had, and didn’t advise us on how we could work with our Shih Tzu. This was a HUGE red flag, and I immediately became uncomfortable with this organization.

We were told to “think things over” (not that we needed to) and I told them we had every intention of keeping the dog. They would not care for our dog but wanted us to fulfill our end of the contract by paying them for 1 year of service. We had not been with them more than 3 months. After being told this, the vet would not talk to us about our puppy’s health, shots, or behavior. As far as Hannah Society was concerned, she was not their dog to care for. It’s important to note that behavioral services are part of the contract and are advertised as something Hannah specializes in. Instead, their solution was to give her to an already overcrowded dog shelter and have us pay them for another dog.

I spent a good 2 weeks fighting them over the phone about this. I told Hannah that I would not pay for the service and their recommendation to give our pup away was unethical. After repeatedly standing my ground and hinting at bringing in a third party to mediate the process, Hannah finally caved and had me come in to terminate the contract.

Despite this being unethical, money driven, and not pet centered, this wasn’t the only issue with Hannah. They repeatedly gave our Shih Tzu vaccines through her nostrils, which I later learned is incredibly dangerous for this breed as nasal vaccines cause swelling. Our current vet has told us this breed has died from this type of reaction in the past. I am deeply concerned that Hannah is a bottom of the line business where pets aren’t valued or properly cared for. The biggest red flag is that Hannah owns the pets in their contracts and can decide if they want to care for them, or in our case, not.

I’m happy to say that Olive is 18 months old, has four healthy legs, and is as happy as can be. She’s continually getting better with reactivity through training and medication. We believe we’re the best pet parents for our sweet little shih tzu, and have become advocates for forever homes and not renting pets.

This was such a negative experience on so many levels. The public needs to be educated about Hannah.”

Thank you to Olive’s family for sharing their Hannah Society experience.