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Hannah’s Society’s Date with Media Disaster!


A Spade is a Spade.

 On Tuesday, April 23, Hannah Society opened its doors for a one-day media event.  Not surprisingly, the company did not receive the favorable news coverage it was seeking for two newer locations and is now lashing out at those concerned about this for-profit model (including two top television news stations and the Oregon Humane Society).

 Primary concerns regarding this Hannah Society blog post:

Pet Sourcing.

Hannah Society first claimed to source dogs from breeders, rescues, and shelters (through Oct ’12).

Then they claimed exclusive sourcing from rescues and shelters (Nov ’12).

Now they claim sourcing from “families”, rescues, and shelters (April ’13).

So what is the true source of the 12-week-old designer puppies the company is leasing?  What is the difference between breeders and “families” who breed dogs and sell designer puppies to Hannah Society?  What stops “families” from having MANY accidental litters and SELLING designer puppies to Hannah many, many times?  How is Hannah Society helping rescues and shelters by buying intentionally-bred puppies from breeders?

These are all critical questions, we encourage you to demand an explanation from Hannah Society.


Hannah Society confirmed in its published FAQ document last fall that the business arrangement is, technically, a lease.  The company has a newly made-up name for pet leasing: Retained Ownership Program.

Hannah Society’s blog post from April 30th: “To be clear, the relationship between a Hannah Member and their Pet is not a lease or a rental”.  Wasn’t it a lease just last week?  Creating a new label for the same program does not change the basic truth.  A spade is a spade.

Hannah Society: The Insurance Company, Pet Owner, and Exclusive Decision Maker.

Hannah Society is regularly stating that the company doesn’t have to incur the cost of pet insurance for customers.  Hannah Society IS the insurance company, the veterinary care provider, and sole decision maker as to whether a Hannah pet lives or dies.

Think about it.  If the company was founded just to find homes for rescue and shelter pets (as mentioned in a recent television interview) why is it a for-profit company rather than a nonprofit?  We can think of at least a few hospitals in the area that also have insurance plans and even they are nonprofits!  Why isn’t Hannah Society?

Veterinary Care: Now Claiming No Veterinary Exclusions. 

This is fantastic news outlined in the most recent blog post: “Hannah Members’ Pets are fully covered – preventative care, accidents, emergencies, illness, medication, surgeries – it’s all covered with no caps, exclusions, limits or co-pays.”

This explanation is completely opposite of what the company outlined in its FAQ document about six months ago:

Question: “Is Hannah the Pet Society going to elect to put the Pet to sleep instead of treating it?”

Answer: “Of course not, unless that is the most appropriate and caring thing to do for the Pet.  Some therapies that may be appropriate for humans, we believe, are simply not appropriate for Pets.”

So what exactly do these conflicting explanations mean?  Well, we’re not entirely sure but we’re thrilled that Hannah Society has now documented that their customers have full coverage with no caps, exclusions, or limits!

Hopefully, this Hannah customer (Tracy M.) who needs joint surgery for her Hannah pet will see this Hannah Society blog post and request (again) that their leased dog’s denied surgery be covered per their specialist’s recommendation.

Another Misguided Attempt to Gain Credibility.

Hannah Society compares its for-profit leasing company to Guide Dogs for the Blind (a 501c3 nonprofit).  A nonprofit placing a guide dog with a blind person (and retaining ownership) is significantly different than a for-profit company leasing pets in packages for profit.  Hannah Society is NOT a nonprofit organization regardless of the company’s attempts to masquerade as one.  Please don’t be fooled.

We have nothing to gain from our campaign to educate the public.  Our efforts are solely for the well being of animals.  Unfortunately, this puts our ethical beliefs in direct conflict with Hannah Society’s business practices and lack of transparency. 

 In closing, we are not even going to address the fabricated accusations against our group.  Hannah Society is grasping for straws because people saw “behind the curtain” and many don’t like what they see!