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Beware Hannah’s Emergency Care!

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Hannah reveals yet another failure in its “Total Lifetime Care” program – its “Emergency Pet Care Info for Hannah Members” Hannah urges members to avoid taking their pet to an emergency veterinarian.  For instance, “a single seizure lasting less than five minutes by the clock is not an indication of an emergency visit.”  If the pet is hit by a car, “some pets experience a glancing blow that is painful, but they recover quickly.”

And who is its sole emergency care provider? St. Francis 24 Hour Animal Hospital in Northeast Vancouver, Washington, some 20 miles from the heart of Portland.

Another Hannah failure is its 24/7 Hannah Pet Nurse phone line – members report that calls were never answered or returned. How many people would tolerate making a panic-stricken call for help to a health care provider only to be told to leave a voice mail?  How many people want to drive 20 miles with a critically sick or injured pet to seek urgent life-saving care?

Please consider this when contemplating membership in Hannah Pet Society.