A Forum for Information & Discussion of The Hannah Society


Hannah Society is a for-profit corporation that leases pets, packaged with contractual monthly fees for “Total Lifetime Care”. “Total Lifetime Care” is also available by contract for customersʼ existing pets. Currently, Hannah Society has two retail mall locations (Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square) and two veterinary clinics / hospitals and training centers (one at Mall 205 and one adjacent to Washington Square). Future plans include the opening of ten additional stores in the Portland area and franchising nationally by 2015.

This website serves as a source of information and a forum for discussion of the Hannah Society corporate ethics and business practices including:

Misinformation and Lack of Transparency in the Source of its Animals

Hannah Society currently claims that it does not source animals from breeders, however, as recently as September 2012, CEO Will Novak stated on the record that 80% of their dogs were from breeders. It continues to advertise designer breed puppies in its newsletters and social media. Hannah Society refuses to disclose the source of any animal.

Business Policies and Practices

Hannah Society retains ownership of each leased pet enrolled in “Total Lifetime Care” with the sole authority to make life and death decisions for the animal. The lessee can return the animal, for exchange or buyout, to Hannah Society at any time.

Treatment of Animals in its Care

People with first hand experience question the quality of care the Hannah Society provides animals waiting to be leased at both its warehousing facility and retail locations. They allege that animals experience periods of prolonged confinement, unhealthy conditions, lack of available food and water and protection from conditions that could put the immune systems of young animals at risk.

We challenge Hannah Society to:

Provide documented proof that all Hannah Society animals, including designer breed puppies, are sourced from shelters and rescues.

Remove the lease (ownership) provision from its “Total Lifetime Care” contract.

Open its facilities to public inspection to insure that conditions for inventoried and displayed animals are healthy and humane.